Saturday, January 26

a taste of honey

Directed by Tony Richardson and starring Rita Tushingham, Dora Bryan, Robert Stephens and Murray Melvin, the movie is a classic period piece of the Manchester area of the early 60s, helped very much by Richardson's insistence that the film, as much as possible, should be shot out on location.

A Taste Of Honey is an adaptation of Shelagh Delaney’s play about a Salford teenager, Jo, who becomes pregnant by a black sailor. With her mother showing no concern about her situation, she befriends Geoff, a gay man who moves in and looks after her - until her mother returns to shatter their happiness.

hand in glove


Augusta II said...
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Desposini Savio said...

απόψε θα'θελα ν'άκουγα 'Seasick, yet still docked'..